Wi Ha Joon is called “Son Ye Jin’s younger brother” by the Korean media

It turns out that Son Ye Jin’s “younger brother” is also part of the hit series Squid Game’s cast!

Actor Wi Ha Joon is currently attracting much attention thanks to playing the handsome police officer Hwang In Ho who has great problem solving skills, can easily deal with the guards and read morse codes in Squid Game.

To search for his missing brother, Hwang In Ho infiltrates the survival game and uncovers many secrets. On social media, the actor is praised for his natural acting, doing a good job at portraying the character through his eyes and facial expressions.

The handsome police officer Hwang In Ho is called Son Ye Jin’s “younger brother”

However, few people know that Wi Ha Joon is actually the “younger brother” of famous actress Son Ye Jin.  Specifically, recently, Korean media reported that the actor is managed by Son Ye Jin‘s agency – MSTeam and is called by the intimate name “Son Ye Jin’s younger brother” in the industry.

He shared, “Because I’m Son Ye Jin’s younger brother, I have to try my best. I don’t think this will make me feel burdened, but I will concentrate, work hard, to show everyone a new and mature side of me. I think Squid Game is an honor for my family and company.”

Wi Ha Joon’s real name is Wi Hyun Yi. He was born in 1991. He started his career as a model. In 2015, he followed the acting path by playing Young Woo Gon in Chinatown. Wi Ha Joon was also supported by Son Ye Jin when he starred in the drama Something in the Rain, broadcast in 2018.

Wi Ha Joon in the drama Something in the Rain 

Sources: Kbizoom