When Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin REVEALED their favourite scenes from Crash Landing on You

When Crash Landing on You aired its final episode in February 2020, Hyun Bin, Son Ye-jin, Kim Jung-hyun and Seo Ji-hye had revealed in an interview as to which was their favourite scenes from the beloved K-drama.

When Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin REVEALED their favourite scenes from Crash Landing on You

It was in February 2020, when Crash Landing on You’s tear-jerking yet happy series finale aired. Even though it’s been a few months since the K-drama concluded, fans are still raving about the tvN drama whose highlight was the crackling chemistry between Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin. The star-crossed lovers’ storyline with Ri Jung-Hyuk, a North Korean captain and Yoon Se-ri, a South Korean heiress, touched hearts all around the world. CLOY also starred Kim Jung-hyun as Gu Seung-joon, a conman and Seo Ji-hye as Seo Dan, Jung-hyuk’s fiancée. Even their playful chemistry was much adored by fans.

After CLOY Ep 16 aired, the cast members had revealed, in an interview with Naver TV via Soompi, their favourite scenes from the show. For Bin, it was the ending sequence from Ep 9 when Jung-hyuk and Se-ri have to part with the latter finally being able to escape back to South Korea. “[The scene] shows the feelings of Ri Jung-hyuk, who courageously crossed the military demarcation line to follow Yoon Se-ri, and it was a moment in which the two people overcame their reality,” the 37-year-old actor gushed. Fans remember that scene, especially for the passionate kiss, shared between the onscreen pair.

Ye-jin’s favourite sequence was the candid conversation between Jung-hyuk and Se-ri over drinks in Ep 13. Given how Jung-hyuk gets a bit tipsy, he gathers the confidence to express his love for Se-ri which to fans felt like an almost proposal.

Jung-hyun loved the scene between Jung-hyuk and Se-ri from Ep 11 when the former arrives in Seoul, searches everywhere to find the latter and then eventually the couple reunites. The exact line which touched the 30-year-old actor was: “I looked everywhere for so long.” He explained to Naver TV, “I think it was the most fantastical line in our drama. It remained in my memory because it brought out lots of emotions.”

For Ji-hye, it was the sequence in which Seo Dan and her mother Go Myung-eun (Jang Hye-jin) had a heartfelt conversation where the latter revealed how worried she was about her daughter. “Your daughter will live more happily than anyone no matter what happens,” Seo Dan had assured her caring mom.

We adore this cast and how!

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