THROWBACK to when Crash Landing on You’s Son Ye Jin spoke about buying a meal for the BTS members

‘Something in the Rain’ with Son Ye Jin and Bangtan Sonyeondan?

Son Ye Jin: courtesy of News1, BTS: courtesy of BIGHIT MUSIC

Resident ‘Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food’, South Korean actor Son Ye Jin was once approached at the 2018 Korean Popular Culture & Arts Awards where she quipped about being asked to buy food for multiple people and hence she is trying not to meet people. The host further questioned if there was anyone that she would like to buy a meal for, especially among the people seated around her at the event.

Initially taken aback, the popular beauty looked around her and was quick to reply with ‘Here, BTS” as she vaguely but respectfully pointed back to the area where the seven members of the group were seated. The crowd was up in roars with her response as noted by the MC. And as the screen panned toward the boys in question, members Jimin and SUGA were seen clapping with tiny smiles on their faces.

A wider angle showed all seven of them acknowledging her offer and some bowing down their heads to thank her. Son Ye Jin however continued with a laugh saying that she is only worried that there are so many members in the group to which the audience and the BTS members burst out in laughter.

This interaction was in line with the popularity of the actress’ drama alongside Jung Hae In. Called ‘Something in the Rain’ in English, the Korean name of the drama points towards a female friend who buys food for the male lead, as they slowly fall in love. Released in 2018, the K-drama was a fan favourite, especially globally.

Source: Pinkvilla