Through a small gesture towards Son Ye Jin at the airport, Hyun Bin has fulfilled the sweetest promise in Crash Landing on You!

The latest moments of Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin made fans’ hearts flutter.

In the morning of April 12th, the couple Son Ye Jin – Hyun Bin landed at Los Angeles International Airport, USA to enjoy their honeymoon. Photos of the newlyweds at the airport were captured by reporters, immediately causing an explosion on social networks. In particular, the short clip when Hyun Bin pulled Son Ye Jin in to avoid the vehicles, even though they were quite far away from the two, really warmed the couple’s fans’ hearts. Besides, this clip also reminds fans of one of the most popular lines in Crash Landing On You.

Son Ye Jin waits while Hyun Bin talks on the phone…

Suddenly Hyun Bin had a strange action

It turned out that he was pulling his wife in to avoid the car even though the road was quite far from where the two stood

This action immediately reminds the audience of a line in Crash Landing on You, “You’ll be safe, as long as you stay in my sight.” In the drama, Ri Jung Hyuk (Hyun Bin) always puts the safety of Yoon Se Ri (Son Ye Jin) above everything. He could be in danger, but not her. So no matter where Se Ri is, as long as Ri Jung Hyuk is there, no one will be able to touch a hair on her head. And now Hyun Bin is realizing the very promise that Jung Hyuk once told Se Ri, that as long as she stayed by his side, Son Ye Jin would always be safe.

Jung Hyuk is protecting Se Ri…

Now it’s Hyun Bin’s turn to protect Son Ye Jin

Just a small detail but this has shown how big the couple’s love for each other is. Son Ye Jin – Hyun Bin is a typical example of real love coming from a drama. Together, they are using their love to finish the ending of Crash Landing On You.

Source: Kbizoom