These Behind-The-Scenes of “Crash Landing On You” Will Have You Shipping Hyun Bin x Son Ye Jin Even Harder

To help you cope with the news of Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin dating for real, here are 10 GIFs from the show’s behind-the-scenes and bloopers that capture the undeniable chemistry the Crash Landing couple had.

1. Unstoppable Smiles

These two had to re-do the scene because Son Ye Jin couldn’t stop smiling at Hyun Bin’s face! That is… who would be able to?

2. Private Piano Lesson? Sign Us Up!

While shooting the scene when Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin realize they met in Switzerland before, these two got quirky on the piano as Son Ye Jin tested Hyun Bin’s perfect pitch.

3. That Dreamy Height Difference

With Hyun Bin towering over her at 6’1″, Son Ye Jin asked him to spread his legs and bring it down to her level — but he playfully stiffened up even more and made her 5’5″ self look teeny tiny. Even their silhouettes look good together.

4. Getting Feisty

When Hyun Bin kept messing up his line, Son Ye Jin got feisty grabbed him by the uniform! Look at the precious smile on Hyun Bin’s face!

5. Perks of Spacing Out

In this scene, Hyun Bin was supposed to look at Son Ye Jin as she ran up to him. He didn’t — and reacted in the cutest way when she got upset with him spacing out!

6. That Ring Thing

When Hyun Bin tried to surprise Son Ye Jin with a matching ring, he messed up the sizes…

7. Bickering Lovebirds

… and Son Ye Jin schooled him, again. Hyun Bin stood there, in trouble, regretting his choices — perhaps like a giant golden retriever. And fans are simply out of UWUs to drop!

8. Cutting Off Her Lines

Look how Hyun Bin falls in to Son Ye Jin’s arms when he realizes he had cut off her line. And that shoots them to the top of the list: the cutest couple on the planet list!

9. Showing Him Who’s Boss

Son Ye Jin got cheeky with Hyun Bin and decided not to let go of his head. We all know he could have definitely pulled away — but there he remained, with his head wrapped in her hands. Could it be love?

10. Flirtatious Glances

This hospital scene took so many takes because… well, because Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin’s flirtatious moments kept cracking them up. Look how Hyun Bin makes a quirky face at Son Ye Jin. Aren’t they adorable together? We’re shipping so hard.

Source: Koreaboo