The reason why Yoona of Girls’ Generation cried out next to Hyun Bin will be revealed.

KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Weekly,” which will air at 11 p.m. on September 1st, will visit viewers with a whole array of entertainment news this week.

First of all, in “Entertainer Headline,” we will hear how Kim Shin-young, a comedian who was selected as the first female MC of KBS’s representative long-running program “National Singing Contest” which boasts more than 40 years of history, was finally recognized as an entertainer by her grandmother 16 years after her debut.

For Kim Shin-young, “Entertainment Weekly” gave “this” along with a national map to  Kim as a gift, arousing the viewers’ curiosity. The story of why Kim Shin-young requested to “turn off the camera” will be released.

Soon after, the site of the interview was turned upside down by the visit of the KBS’ CEO! Kim Shin-young said, “It’s the first time I’ve met the president of a broadcasting company since my debut.” But as the new MC of “National Singing Contest”, she immediately requested the CEO to sing a surprise song on the spot. The CEO’s answer can be found in the ‘Entertainer Headline’ corner.

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“I Love You Entertainment Weekly” this week welcomes actors Hyun Bin, Yoo Hae-jin, Lim Yoona, and Jin Sun-kyu from the action film “Cooperation 2: International,” which is predicted to rule the box office this Chuseok holiday. Hyun Bin and Yoo Hae-jin, who reunited for the first time in five years, expressed their feelings and showed off their bromance chemistry.

Meanwhile, Hyun Bin said to Yoona that she was a “bad woman” even though she played the role of “Min-young,” a woman who formed a love triangle with Hyun Bin and Daniel Henney by herself only.

Hyun Bin expressed his disappointment by telling Yoona to take off the microphone when he saw her crying out after failing to get a quiz about him. Yoona was disappointed and even cried to Hyun Bin, saying, “I really liked you thou.” What was the story? Everything will be revealed on “I Love You Entertainment Weekly.”

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In “Star Way Home,” the main actors of the movie “Honest Candidate 2”, including Ra Mi-ran, Kim Moo-yeol, and Yoon Kyung-ho will appear with fun and laughter following their appearance in “Mouth of Truth”.

Ra Mi-ran was shown revealing the story of Kim Moo-yeol’s unstoppable ad-lib, adding to the curiosity by saying, “I wonder how he has endured it so far”. It seems that the behind-the-scenes of Kim Moo-yeol’s seasick acting, which satisfied Ra Mi-ran, was told.

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In addition, the surprise segment “Ears of Truth” was held to find out how honest the main characters with “Mouth of Truth” were. While making suspicious remarks, Ra Mi-ran stimulated curiosity by telling Kim Moo-yeol, “I haven’t seen people like that.”

Finally, in “Woman Running on the Chart”, the audience will find out who has become the “building king” among sports stars who have achieved success with blood, sweat, and tears. Here, viewers will gain an insight into the real estate investment of people who shook the world football world, from stars who not only lived in houses with a monthly rent of more than 67 million won, but also built a park with 17 billion won.

Source: naver