The edits have verified that the widely circulated images of Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin’s children are theirs.

Today, February 7, the artist’s family portrait has been spreading on internet forums, according to Son Ye Jin’s management company MS Team Entertainment. The agency makes sure that only editing is done to the portrait.

This news came after the purported photo of Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin holding their child went viral. It was pretty offensive to see the post with the heading “It’s like Hyun Bin’s fan Instagram account except there are baby images.”
Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are shown in the image standing next to one another as though they were posing for a family portrait. Their first child is being held by Son Ye Jin, whose back is seen.

The portraits that are circulated online are just modified, thanks to MS Team Entertainment. According to the agency of the stunning actress, who was born in 1982, “it has been modified.”
There have been several photos of Hyun Bin and Baby Ye Jin with kids ever since the birth of their first son in the latter part of last year. The CIA has never explicitly said, however, whether the images were altered or not.

On a previous episode of the KBS show “Entertainment Company Plus,” Hyun Bin spoke about his son’s aesthetics. The actor, whose true name was Kim Tae Pyung, said he was perplexed at the moment. He had heard that a baby’s features might alter, which aroused the gorgeous actor’s curiosity.
“I’m still unsure. The star of “Crash Landing on You” confessed, “I believe he looks like the two of us.” “.
“A baby’s face will vary regularly, according to those around me. I’m also also interested in how his face will seem when it matures “informed Hyun Bin.
In the meanwhile, Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin’s nuptials are seen as a drama that has come to pass. The two of them were reportedly compatible before they were coupled in the drama “Crash Landing on You,” when they eventually were involved in location love. This well-known celebrity couple tied the knot on March 31 of last year, and on November 27, 2022, they welcomed a child.