The audience is worried because Hyun Bin constantly ‘keeps his distance’ from Yoona at the event

The whole cast of Unscrupulous Associates 2 including Hyun Bin and Yoona will participate in the film’s early premiere on August 30.

Part 2 is one of the most anticipated action-themed movies in the second half of 2022. The film marks the “reuniting” between Hyun Bin and Yoona and the crew after 5 years since part 1.

Recently, Korean media reported that Hyun Bin’s new “brainchild” will have a premiere earlier than expected to collect and poll the press. It is known that most of the actors in the film were present at the event. Before the above information, what worries the public is whether Hyun Bin and Yoona are “far apart” as in previous times?

Specifically, according to information from Korean newspaper sites, the movie “The Unwilling Partner” part 2 will have a preview screening for the press and some lucky viewers before it hits theaters. The purpose of this activity is to collect media reactions to prepare for the movie’s release date in early September.

The event will be held at 8 pm on August 30, which is 8 days earlier than the nationwide premiere schedule. It is known that the film director and all 5 actors: Hyun Bin, Yoona, Yoo Hae Jin, Daniel Henney, Jin Seon Kyu will all be present at the event and interact with fans.

Hyun Bin and Yoona regretted not being able to sit close to each other at the press conference for the last movie.

Before the above information, the public could not hide their excitement because they were about to meet Hyun Bin and the team of Unwilling Associates earlier than expected. Besides, someone also recalled the regrettable incident when Hyun Bin and Yoona sat far apart at the previous press conference. Therefore, the public expects that this time the couple will be arranged by the organizers to sit next to each other so that they can interact more easily and fans can witness the “double visual” moment of the two actors.

In this part 2, the film still follows Rim Chul Ryung (Hyun Bin) – a North Korean detective on a top secret mission. in Korea.

He received the help of Kang Jin Tae (detective in Korea) to complete the mission. In this sequel, many people predict that Rim Chul Ryung and Park Min Young (Yoona) will become a couple because she seems to have fallen in love with him at first sight.

Still cut Hyun Bin and Yoona’s characters in part 2.

Source: Saostar


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