Song Joong Ki plays a movie with ‘husband’ Son Ye Jin to fight Song Hye Kyo?

Like his ex-wife Song Hye Kyo, Song Joong Ki is currently the most productive actor in Korea at the moment. After filming the drama The youngest son of the tycoonhe just caused a fever when he participated in the project Three sisters by Kim Go Eun as a guest.

Recently, Korean media reported that Song Joong Ki had just attended a script reading session for a new movie – Hwaran. In particular, Son Ye Jin’s “husband” in the movie A time to remember – Jung Woo Sung also appeared at the event. Accordingly, the public is excited to predict that Song Joong Ki will most likely combine with the most handsome actor in Korea in the project. Hwaran.

Specifically, the representative of the unit organizing the script reading session Hwaran just shared a post thanking Song Joong Ki and Jung Woo Sung for appearing at the event with their autographs. It is known that Song Joong Ki confirmed to participate in the film as the male lead not long ago. Meanwhile, the appearance of Jung Woo Sung is surprising when it has never been announced before.

Jung Woo Sung left an autograph on the day he met Song Joong Ki at the script reading session for the movie Hwaran.

Song Joong Ki also left an autograph after the event.

However, with the presence of close friend Lee Jung Jae at the event, the public believes that Jung Woo Sung will definitely appear in the movie as a key actor of the cast or a special guest role. . Currently, Jung Woo Sung and the crew have not made an official announcement about the actor’s role in the movie Hwaran intrigued the audience. After knowing the above information, netizens are turning on “waiting mode” for the confirmation of the cast and crew to be named.

It is known that after completing his current roles, Song Joong Ki will join the cast Hwaran this mid-September. The specific release date of the film has not been determined yet. The audience thinks that if it is released next year, the film is likely to “confront” Song Hye Kyo’s projects in terms of media. At that time, surely the Korean film market as well as Asian media will explode more than ever thanks to the appearance of the top actors in Korea. If that happens, who will be in the media spotlight is difficult to determine at the moment.

About Hwaranthis is a project of the Noir genre – a dark, psychologically heavy, classic film related to crime, often exploited by Hollywood filmmakers.

Song Joong Ki has just been called out on social media because Song Hye Kyo went to an event with Lee Min Ho.