Son Ye Jin’s father has a handsome face like Hyun Bin, Netizens immediately guess Baby Kim’s face

Son Ye Jin’s biological father has a handsome face like Hyun Bin. Netizens immediately guessed baby Kim’s face.

Fruit does not fall far from the tree. The proverb seems to be appropriate to describe the beautiful face that Son Ye Jin has.
Because Son Ye Jin’s beautiful face comes from the genetics of her parents who have stunning visuals.
Son Ye Jin has become a popular actress in South Korea thanks to her beautiful face.
Many films, Korean dramas, and commercials have starred Son Ye Jin.
At 40, Son Ye Jin finally married Hyun Bin, the idol of his heart.
Who would have thought Hyun Bin’s handsome face turned out to be similar to Son Ye Jin’s father’s face?
This is known from the post on the Instagram fan account @crashlandingonyou.
The post shows a photo collage of Son Ye Jin with his father and Hyun Bin.
Posing with his father, little Ye Jin smiled sweetly.

A sweet smile also appeared on Son Ye Jin’s face when capturing the moment with Hyun Bin.
The public immediately highlighted the facial resemblance between Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin’s father.
“Like father in law like son in law 1-100, rate their similarities. Appa Son, if you have grandchildren, aren’t curious what they look like,” wrote @crashlandingonyou.
“Still Blue Team aka Junior HyunBin Team aka KimGolf Kelen still istiqomah Dedek Kim Which team gess?” he continued.
Suddenly the post immediately reaped various comments from netizens.
Some netizens admire the handsome looks of Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin’s father.
Some guessed baby Kim’s face when he was born into the world.
@deuisramadhani**: “His grandson is similar to Appa Son and Kim Taepyung’s father even though his nature is descended from Noona Yejin (Appa Son’s son)”*
@mimi_ci*: “The son-in-law identical to the father-in-law”*
@onyinyech***: “Wow wow wow! Daughters do marry their father Hyun Bin is the 2.0 version.”
@mrs_g_*: “Omg looking for her father and found him”
@uning_um*: “Appa yejin is very similar to Ama Hyun bin’s youth. Still a team boy”*
Until now, is not known about the gender of the baby in Son Ye Jin’s womb.
One thing is for sure baby Kim will pass down his mother’s beautiful face if he is a girl, as well as Hyun Bin’s handsome genetics if he is a boy.
What do you think? How similar is Son Ye Jin’s father’s face to Hyun Bin’s? What will baby Kim’s face look like?

Source: Toplistkdrama