Son Ye Jin Reveals the Sweet and Surprising Qualities of Her Husband.

Son Ye Jin, the beloved South Korean actress, has recently shared some heartwarming insights into her domestic life, giving fans a closer look at the qualities of her husband, Hyun Bin. In a recent interview on her YouTube channel, she didn’t hold back in revealing her husband’s endearing attributes, especially as a loving and responsible father.

Son Ye Jin, renowned for her remarkable career in the entertainment industry, expressed her profound happiness and contentment with her married life. She spoke passionately about her exceptionally close bond with Hyun Bin, highlighting that their relationship has only grown stronger since their wedding last year, which was graced by their dear friend, actor Lim Jinhan.

Notably, Son Ye Jin didn’t hesitate to praise her husband’s qualities as a doting and responsible father. She proudly proclaimed, “I am happy to be his wife, and he is very responsible as a dad.” This heartwarming admission provides fans with a glimpse into the tender side of the charismatic heartthrob.

However, the interview wasn’t solely about showcasing Hyun Bin’s parenting skills. It also featured some lighthearted moments, where Son Ye Jin playfully teased her husband during Lim Jinhan’s golf class, playfully highlighting how he has become accustomed to using skincare products, which perhaps explains his perpetually youthful appearance.

The interviewer mentioned that the revelation about their family life came as a surprise to fans, but Son Ye Jin had already taken to Instagram to share her excitement and showcase her golf skills. She proudly announced that they have a baby named Alkong, who will soon inherit her passion for golf, adding yet another layer of charm to their enchanting family dynamic.

The news of Hyun Bin’s dedication as a father and Son Ye Jin’s happiness in their marriage has undoubtedly warmed the hearts of their fans worldwide. This power couple continues to inspire us with their love and devotion, both on and off the screen.

Source: toplistkdrama

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