Son Ye Jin returned to Luxury magazine for September Issue 2022, her baby bump drawing attention

Newest magazine photos revealed Son Ye Jin looking stunning and classy during her pregnancy.

After announcing her pregnancy, Son Ye Jin is drawing attention from the couple’s fans and the general K-drama enthusiasts.

As she is still in her pregnancy, the actress decides to halt all filming activities to focus on taking care of the child and herself. However, Ye Jin is still taking invitations for fan meetings and magazine photo shoots.

Lately, Son Ye Jin once again sent the Internet into frenzy because of an unexpected appearance on the cover of Luxury magazine, September issue 2022. The actress wore a off-shoulder neon pink outfit designed by Valentino. Styled in a brushed-aside shoulder-length haircut, Son Ye Jin swoons her fans with her confidence, high-class aura and stunning beauty. While in her pregnancy, the actress still looks stunning as ever.

However, what caught viewers’ eyes was the actress’ subtlety in using the handbag as cover for her baby bump. It is seen that both Ye Jin and her child are in their best condition.

The actress appeared on the cover for Luxury magazine before, in the 2021 September issue. She wore a classy black-and-white outfit. Her graceful look and fine attitude also generated a fever soon afterwards. Making her return to the magazine this year, Son Ye Jin still maintained her confident aura yet adding to her look some feminine touch.

Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin met each other on the set of 2018 crime thriller movie “The Negotiation” and officially dated one year after, when the pair reunited in rom-com drama “Crash Landing on You” in 2019. Their fairytale-like wedding of a well-loved couple was held on March 31st this year to the joy and blessings of millions of fans across the globe. Not long ago, Son Ye Jin announced she is having the couple’s first child.

Source: Kbizoom