Son Ye Jin is rare to publicly reveal herself after giving birth, her physique is clearly promoted

The series of photos of Son Ye Jin taken at the airport are receiving a “rain” of compliments from fans.

On July 4, Son Ye Jin suddenly appeared at the Korean international airport preparing to go to France. It is known that Hyun Bin’s wife will attend a fashion show of a brand that she is an ambassador for. This is also the rare time the actress publicly revealed herself after giving birth in November 2022.

Son Ye Jin first appeared in front of the media after giving birth in November 2022.

Maintaining her inherent charm, Son Ye Jin is actively sought after by the Korean media. The series of images of the actress of the movie Landing where he was directly recorded at the airport also made the public stir praise. Son Ye Jin “lights up” through the camera lens with her increasingly ranking and radiant beauty.

In particular, his wife Hyun Bin completely changed her style by experimenting with shoulder-length short hair. Not only that, Son Ye Jin’s slim and straight legs also partly prove that the actress still persists in maintaining this slim figure.

Son Ye Jin still maintains a slim and beautiful figure after giving birth.

After giving birth to her first child, Son Ye Jin disappeared from the entertainment industry. The actress does not participate in any art projects, spending a lot of time taking care of her family. All information about Son Ye Jin’s life is updated “drip” on her personal page. However, every time he appeared, the appearance of Hyun Bin’s wife surprised the public.

The beautiful love story of Son Ye Jin – Hyun Bin was praised by the audience.

Source: Star