Son Ye Jin inadvertently revealed the first glimpse of her son at the airport for the first time

In 2022, the online community buzzed with excitement upon hearing the news of Son Ye Jin giving birth to her first child, a son, with Hyun Bin. Everyone eagerly anticipated catching a glimpse of the baby’s appearance, considering his parents’ status as the most beautiful couple in the Korean entertainment industry. However, the two stars remained tight-lipped and didn’t share any images of their precious child.

Nevertheless, recently, an image purportedly showing the couple’s son circulated widely on social media, and the leaked photo originated from Son Ye Jin’s own phone screen. On July 8th, Son Ye Jin appeared at Incheon Airport after concluding her schedule in France. There wouldn’t have been anything noteworthy if fans hadn’t accidentally spotted the first image of their beloved couple’s firstborn on the actress’s phone screen. Despite the photo’s low quality, the adorable and chubby-faced firstborn of the BinJin family captured the hearts of the audience.Son Ye Jin vô tình lần đầu hé lộ chân dung quý tử tại sân bay, diện mạo thế nào mà khiến netizen trầm trồ? - Ảnh 2.

Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin’s love story began on the set of the immensely popular drama “Crash Landing on You.” After two years of dating, they officially moved in together following a grand wedding in March of the previous year. The iconic couple joyfully welcomed their firstborn son on November 27th of the same year.

Son Ye Jin vô tình lần đầu hé lộ chân dung quý tử tại sân bay, diện mạo thế nào mà khiến netizen trầm trồ? - Ảnh 3.

On December 24th, the Son’s Beauty herself personally revealed the first image of their firstborn son almost a month after his birth. Although the actress didn’t disclose the baby’s face, the image of his cute little feet was enough to stir up excitement among netizens.

Prior to this, on the program “Entertainment Live” (KBS2), Hyun Bin hinted at their son’s appearance, stating, “The baby seems to have inherited some features from both the father and the mother. I’ve heard that a child’s appearance changes a lot as they grow, so I’m not sure if he will resemble me or his mother more.”

The revelation of Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin’s son’s image at the airport has caused a sensation among their devoted fans and the general public. While the couple continues to cherish their privacy, this glimpse into their family life only further strengthens the love and support showered upon them. As fans eagerly await more updates, one thing is certain: the BinJin family has captured the hearts of many with their fairytale-like romance and the addition of their adorable son only adds to the joy and excitement surrounding this beloved couple.