Son Ye-jin & Hyun Bin A Sweet Gesture for Baby Alkong’s Safety.

Son Ye-jin and Hyun Bin, affectionately known as the “Binjin” couple, have once again captured the hearts of fans with their recent blog post on Ner Cafe. This heartwarming update has become a hot topic among their admirers as it sheds light on the couple’s deep love and commitment to ensuring the safety of Baby Alkong.

In the blog post, a fan shared a sweet revelation about Hyun Bin’s dedication to securing Baby Alkong’s safety. The fan praised a TPU inter-floor noise puzzle construction mat, which is excellent for children, especially toddlers. According to the post, the fan expressed, “I think it’s a big advantage that my child doesn’t have a risk of breaking his head even if he falls backward.” This thoughtful choice not only addresses the issue of noise between floors but also prioritizes the safety of the couple’s precious child.

The post goes on to reveal that the couple’s home is quite spacious and luxurious, which understandably comes with a significant price tag. This generous gesture from Son Ye-jin and Hyun Bin demonstrates their unwavering commitment to ensuring Baby Alkong’s safety, especially as she is in the crucial stage of learning to walk and explore their expansive house.

Meanwhile, a new video clip of Hyun Bin, as well as an interview from his recent visit to Switzerland for Omega, has been released. This visit holds a special significance, as it marks his return to the location where the beloved series “Crash Landing on You” was filmed. Fans couldn’t help but admire Hyun Bin’s handsome appearance, impeccable posture, and perfect physique. It seems that the actor’s charm and allure have only grown over the years, leaving everyone in awe.

The Binjin couple’s dedication to Baby Alkong’s safety is truly heartwarming, and their recent activities continue to captivate fans around the world. As they reunite in Switzerland and share their personal stories, it’s clear that their love and popularity remain as strong as ever.

Source: toplistkdrama

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