Son Ye Jin and Korean actresses have a minimalist yet chic style

On the film, Korean actresses often wear outstanding and glittery outfits, to match the character’s image. Many times, they also create fashion trends that many people learn. But in real life, many Korean actresses choose a fairly simple fashion style, revolving around basic items.

Even when they are not picky in terms of dressing up, Korean actresses still score stylish and sophisticated points. If you love simple style, please refer to the style of the following 4 beauties:

Kim Tae Ri

4 nữ diễn viên Hàn Quốc có phong cách tối giản mà sang trọng-1

Kim Tae Ri rarely wears colorful clothes in everyday life. Instead, the actress prioritizes items with neutral tones such as white, beige or black. Kim Tae Ri’s style coverage formula is a white t-shirt or white shirt combined with black pants. This way of wearing clothes is the “guarantee” for an elegant look. Kim Tae Ri also cleverly “hacked” her figure by manipulating her clothes, pressing her belt and wearing high heels. And yet, Kim Tae Ri often adds a sweater around her shoulders to create a youthful and liberal highlight.

Son Ye Jin

4 nữ diễn viên Hàn Quốc có phong cách tối giản mà sang trọng-2

Son Ye Jin loves white outfits. The actress often combines a white shirt with casual pants or jeans to create a harmonious and pleasing outfit. Son Ye Jin’s outfits also score in youthfulness and elegance thanks to white-toned items.

Son Ye Jin shows sophistication even in choosing footwear. Instead of wearing fancy shoes, flashy colors, Son Ye Jin prioritizes simple shoe designs such as thin strap sandals, horizontal strap sandals or white sneakers. If you want to build an elegant office style, Son Ye Jin’s outfit series will be the perfect inspiration for you.


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4 nữ diễn viên Hàn Quốc có phong cách tối giản mà sang trọng-4

Suzy’s style is quite simple, but still catches the trend. Items such as short-sleeved sweaters, white sneakers, wide-leg pants, and skirts are extremely favored by Suzy. These minimalist, neutral items are the key to a sophisticated look. Despite wearing elegant clothes, Suzy’s appearance still scores in her youthfulness and sweetness. Suzy’s dressing suggestions are very suitable for weekend walks and coffee trips.


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IU impresses with her fresh and sweet fashion style. However, her style is not too picky. The famous actress and singer often favors items such as a white shirt, neutral vest, jeans or blazer. It is worth noting that IU “hacked” her figure very skillfully. The actress chose to wear short skirts, shorts or mini skirts to create an elegant look for the overall figure. Thanks to that, IU always looks taller than her actual height of 1m62.

Source: newssics