Son Ye Jin And Hyun Bin Were Fated To Be Together And It Might Have Started From Her Father

A match written in the stars.


Actors Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin just announced their impending marriage and fans couldn’t be happier! The two met on the set of the hit K-Drama Crash Landing On You. As their chemistry on screen impressed the world, it seems like they took things off screen as well and soon announced their relationship to the public in December 2020. A little over a year later, the two are set to wed in March 2022.

Fans stumbled upon an old photograph of Son Ye Jin in her youth with her family. While she looks as adorable as ever, all eyes turned to her father. Doesn’t he look familiar?

Son Ye Jin and her family. | SBS News

Fans drew similarities between her father and her husband-to-be. From the strong jawline to the long dimples, even the thick arched eyebrows! They look so alike.

The likeness is even more obvious in Hyun Bin’s youth. Check out his pre-debut photos from elementary, middle and high school!

| SBS News

They always say, you end up marrying someone that reminds you of your parents! Fate certainly played their hand right with this iconic couple. Congratulations on the engagement once again.

Source: Koreaboo