In a recent series of behind-the-scenes moments, netizens quickly noticed some “unusual” changes in Son Ye Jin.

In a series of recent behind-the-scenes moments, netizens quickly noticed some “unusual” changes in Son Ye Jin – the wife of actor Hyun Bin.

A drink brand represented by Son Ye Jin as a model has released a promotional clip recently filmed by the actress.
Immediately, the new advertisement of his wife Hyun Bin caused a “fever” all over the social networking forums. The public gives a lot of praise for the beautiful and charming beauty of “pregnant mother” Son Ye Jin.
Through behind-the-scenes photos, many people commented that Son Ye Jin’s face was somewhat rounder after a period of pregnancy. However, Son Ye Jin’s beauty is not so degraded; on the contrary, it is more salty and attractive.

After the super-wedding was held lavishly at the end of March, the public became increasingly interested in every “one and one move” of the most powerful star couple in the Korean entertainment world.
After more than four months of officially returning to the same house, Hyun Bin’s wife is currently experiencing the first days of pregnancy. On her personal Instagram page, Son Ye Jin still regularly updates daily activities such as walking or nutritious meals.

It is known that before marriage, Son Ye Jin maintained a healthy lifestyle, diet, and exercise science. Therefore, netizens do not find it difficult to understand when the actress regularly updates her active life during the recent maternity period. In interviews, the female lead of the movie “Crash Landing on You” once shared many secrets about owning smooth skin and a slim figure even after turning the age of U40. Son Ye Jin is beautiful despite gaining weight.
Accordingly, doing light-intensity pilates every day and following a low-calorie diet with low-calorie foods are the reasons that help Son Ye Jin maintain her beauty.
At this time, Son Ye Jin does not have many entertainment activities. She is devoted to caring for her husband and welcoming her first child. Meanwhile, the actress’s husband, actor Hyun Bin, has just made a spectacular comeback on the big screen with the movie “Confidential Assignment 2: International” scheduled to be released next month.
Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are co-stars in the movies *The Negotiation and Landing on You.
The two held a wedding in March, then went to the US for their honeymoon. The couple of “talented boys and girls” openly fell in love in January 2021. Son Ye Jin once wrote on her page that she was grateful to have met a good man who sincerely loved her.

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