Hyun Bin, who was criticized for being a workaholic and abandoning Son Ye Jin and his son, did this covertly.

Hyun Bin has been engrossed in her profession nonstop since last year’s wedding. Son Ye Jin continued to work on films even as she was getting ready to give birth. He didn’t spend much time with his baby right after his birth; instead, he hurried out to Latvia to shoot Harbin.

It is well known that Hyun Bin’s newest film started shooting abroad on January 27. A month will be spent recording the movie. Son Ye Jin’s spouse will return to Korea on March 1 if nothing changes and everything goes as planned.

Additionally, Hyun Bin’s son becomes 100 days old in March. This is a significant developmental milestone for kids in the nation of kimchi. The family would often throw the newborn a party to celebrate on this unique occasion. Hyun Bin had every intention of being present on his first son’s special day. The actor reportedly had plans to get back in time for his cherished son’s 100th birthday celebration.

Hyun Bin has already been under fire from certain online users for being a workaholic. Son Ye Jin was forced to put aside her hobbies in order to concentrate on her pregnancy, delivery, and childcare, while her husband only understood how to lose himself in movies. They believe Ye Jin is seriously harmed by having to care for the tiny angel by herself.
But the supporters stood up for Hyun Bin. Fans think that the movie projects in which he took part were approved before Son Ye Jin became pregnant. You must conduct yourself professionally when working as an actor. Because he had to attend film marketing events, film for a new project, and take advantage of his roles as a husband and father at home, everyone could see that Hyun Bin was substantially thinner and gaunt.