Hyun Bin caused a fever when he publicly flattered his wife and children on the media

Hyun Bin – Son Ye Jin is considered one of the model and admirable families of the Kbiz entertainment industry. From the time of dating until the marriage, the couple is considered to be compatible with each other in terms of status, talent and beauty.

Recently, Hyun Bin made the public panic when he publicly flattered his wife and children at the movie promotion event with Yoona and colleagues. Hearing that, the audience suddenly stirred because of the great love that Hyun bin had for Son Ye Jin.

Specifically, Hyun Bin has just participated in promotional activities for the movie project The Unwilling Partner with Yoona and the actors in the movie. Answering a short interview within the framework of the ongoing event, Hyun Bin shared deeply about the project and personal life.

The actor received a reporter’s question as follows: “What makes you strong?”. The actor then laughed and replied: “For me, from now on, the thing that creates strength is family.”

The moment Hyun Bin answered the above question suddenly caused a fever on social networks right after it went viral. In it, the audience almost fully feels the sweetness and great affection that Hyun Bin has for his current family, through the actor’s sparkling eyes and joy.

On social networks, the public gave winged compliments for the sweetness that Hyun Bin gave to his wife and children. Besides, they also send their best wishes to his wife Son Ye Jin. The audience expects that the beauty of the Son family can come to support the new project of her husband and close sister – Yoona.

It is known that movies The Unwilling Partner Part 2 starring Hyun Bin and Yoona will be officially released in the domestic market on September 7. Early screenings were also held to survey the media’s response to the quality of the project.

With this part 2, the film still follows Rim Chul Ryung (Hyun Bin) – a North Korean detective on a top secret mission in South Korea. He receives the help of Kang Jin Tae (a detective in Korea) to complete the mission.