Hyun Bin And Son Ye Jin Once Revealed Their Ideal Types—Do They Match?

“Crash Landing On You” stars Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin were recently confirmed to be dating, much to the excitement of fans from all over the world. Everyone could sense their palpable chemistry in the drama, so it’s no surprise that it extended off-screen!

Looking at their old interviews, it’s clear that they’re meant to be. After all, their ideal types are strikingly close to each other.



When asked about his ideal type in a past interview, Hyun Bin revealed that he is looking for a woman who is understanding. His busy schedule as an A-list actor can naturally lead to relationship disagreements.

I like a woman who is very understanding. Because of the field I am working in, it’s hard to find someone who can be truly understanding of everything.

— Hyun Bin

CJ Entertainment

As someone who also works in the entertainment industry, Son Ye Jin is likely able to empathize with the hardships Hyun Bin experiences as a result of his job.

Meanwhile, Son Ye Jin once mentioned what kind of man she is drawn to: “I am attracted to men who look like my father“.

Like Son Ye Jin’s father, Hyun Bin boasts angular facial features and a tall stature.

Hyun Bin’s ideal type—an understanding woman—can describe Son Ye Jin who is an actress herself. On the other hand, Son Ye Jin’s ideal type—someone who resembles her father—can describe Hyun Bin whom many agree bears a striking resemblance to him.

It’s no wonder the two are attracted to each other!



Source: koreaboo


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