For the sake of his wife and prospective beloved baby, Hyun Bin makes this special request during promotions for his latest film.

Hyun Bin is currently busy with myriad promotional activities for the film Confidential Assignment 2: International.
The film, which also stars SNSD’s Yoona, marks Hyun Bin’s comeback to the big screen four years after his last film.

This project is also Hyun Bin’s first acting appearance after marrying and becoming a father-to-be for his first child with Son Ye Jin.
Ahead of its release, Hyun Bin and several other players officially started promotional activities for Confidential Assignment 2: International by attending a press conference on August 16.

The actor has to go through various schedules, such as press previews and other interviews.
Interestingly on the sidelines of a hectic schedule, Hyun Bin still shows concern as a husband on standby for his wife and prospective first child.
It was even revealed that the 40-year-old actor was constantly checking on his wife’s condition during the schedule coordination process.
Quoting Kbizoom, Friday, August 19, 2022, it was reported that Hyun Bin specifically asked all relevant parties to follow the safety precautions related to Covid-19 as a top priority.

This is Hyun Bin’s consideration as a wise husband and father-to-be.
Son Ye Jin, who announced her pregnancy three months after their marriage, wished their child a healthy growth.

Although social distancing in South Korea has long been lifted and the rules for preventing the pandemic are also not as strict as before, the number of Covid-19 cases has recently increased again.
Therefore, Hyun Bin reportedly requested that interviews and activities be conducted face-to-face as much as possible to prevent his wife and child from being exposed to the virus.
Knowing this, fans were even more amazed by Hyun Bin, a family man who loves his wife.
Meanwhile, Confidential Assignment 2: International is a sequel to the 2017 film.
The production company this time is JK Film, the producer of Son Ye-jin and Hyun Bin’s first film “Negotiation,” makes this comeback even more meaningful for the actor.
Quoting Mydramalist Confidential Assignment 2, North and South Korean detectives reunite.

This time, they will team up with an FBI agent to catch a wanted drug lord.
Hyun Bin will play a North Korean detective named Im Chul Ryung, who is sent back to South Korea to complete a new mission.
He is assigned to arrest the leader of a North Korean crime organization, Jang Myung Joon (Jin Sun Kyu).
Girls’ Generation’s YoonA also joins as the daughter of a South Korean detective.
He will compete acting with veteran actors Yoo Hae Jin and Daniel Henney.

Confidential Assignment 2: International is expected to be the work that helps Hyun Bin regain the title of “visual action actor.”
The film is scheduled to be released on September 7.


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