Fans are worried that Hyun Bin will not be with Son Ye Jin after she gives birth to a son.

After winning the prestigious Daesang with the TV blockbuster “Crash Landing on You”, Hyun Bin has a strong comeback in 2022 with big-budget movie projects. On the morning of November 10, Sports Seoul – Korea, reported that the film crew of the Harbin film starring Hyun Bin will start filming in the second half of January 2023.

If Hyun Bin departs simultaneously with the new film crew, Son Ye Jin will likely have to take care of the baby by herself because she is expected to give birth in December of this year.

After “storming” in the domestic and international markets with Transnational Agent Hyun Bin spent a few months resting and starting a new film crew. According to information from Sports Seoul, the Caper Tan crew will go to Lavita to film outside on January 20, 2023. Accordingly, the cast, such as Park Jung Min, Jeon Yeo Bin and the staff who play important roles, will go to the location mentioned above to serve the filming.
In particular, the main actor Hyun Bin has yet to decide on the recording schedule and is considering whether to join the crew on that day. This is because the outdoor filming schedule is close to the day his wife gave birth to a son. Previously, the management company Son Ye Jin made netizens burst into tears when announcing the arrival of their first son this December. Currently, she focuses on health care and attending classes for mothers and babies.

The above information received much attention and discussion from the audience. If Hyun Bin joins the crew simultaneously as “ex-girlfriend” Song Joong Ki and the other members, he will likely be away from his children for a while. At that time, Son Ye Jin may take care of the child by herself and ask for the support of relatives and friends.
However, because Hyun Bin’s schedule has yet to be determined, it is still possible that he will try to arrange to take care of his wife and children properly. In this regard, the audience is not too worried because the famous actor is responsible, and good at balancing work and personal life.

Caper Tan is an action-spy film produced on a large scale with a shooting scene spanning many countries worldwide. It is known that the film’s main setting is located in the city of Harbin – where has the harshest winter in China.

Source: toplistkdrama