Dear Oppa: A 50 year old Filipino fan prays Hyun Bin’s love for Son Ye Jin conquers all the trials

In today’s edition of Dear Oppa, a fan from the Philippines gushes about Hyun Bin while praying for him and Son Ye Jin.

Dear Oppa: A 50 year old Filipino fan prays Hyun Bin’s love for Son Ye Jin conquers all the trials

At the start of the year, Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin confirmed that they were dating. The Crash Landing On You stars had been dating for months when the news of their relationship made the headlines. Soon after, Son Ye Jin addressed the reports with a sweet note on her Instagram. Hyun Bin then thanked Son Ye Jin when he bagged the Daesang at APAN Star Awards a few days ago. While fans continue to root for the couple, a 50-year-old teacher from the Philippines penned an open letter to Hyun Bin.

Maria gushed about the actor, expressed her wish to meet him one day and prayed for the couple. Check out her letter below:

Dearest Hyun Bin,

I am a fifty-year-old teacher from the Philippines and believe me you are the first South Korean actor whom I got to know.

I went to South Korea last March 2019. But honestly, I don’t know anything at all about Korea.

Reminiscing, My fellow teachers are so hooked on K-dramas but I never got to watch any, since for me. It’s just a waste of time. They would tell me the names of Korean actors but for me, they were just alien words from alien people because I don’t even watch television. I am more of a bookworm than a couch potato.

My students even made their research paper about the influence of K-drama on students. I accepted the paper, but still, it didn’t even move me. I could even hear them talk basic Korean words such as kamsahamnida, anneoyonghasayo, oppa and the likes and they would flip their fingers which is quite famous and attached to K-dramas.

Going back, I really don’t like going out of the Philippines, going to South Korea that time was just a must because It was a sort of family bonding, with my 75-year-old father who just celebrated his birthday that time, and my siblings. It was my first time to go abroad. 

Arriving in South Korea, I knew nothing about the place. But your name is the first one I heard from my siblings (sisters). The eldest works in South Korea and the other in the US. I just learned that time they were K-drama fans too.

Still, I didn’t even google you or be inclined to watching K-dramas. One time, we were at Myeong dong and I saw you first time on the big screen. I was enthralled. Your name got stuck in my mind. I even googled you. I may be an I have a heart of an 18-year-old. I giggled a lot that I even told my friends you are my first Korean

I started watching your K-drama on Netflix and I come to like it a lot. Your voice is like a sing-song tone which lightened my heart. Your eyes speak of kindness which can be rarely seen from other people. It speaks of sincerity. Above all you are handsome. A whole package in one.

I got to like you, even more, when Crash landing on you was shown on Netflix. My friends and fellow teachers are now laughing at me. For several years they have been urging me to watch K-dramas, I was never moved but coming back from Korea I become so addicted to it just because of you. I am a late bloomer when it comes to that.

Now, I can read hangeul, and understand some of the Korean words. And I promise myself I will be going back to Korea and walk the path where you shoot some of your K-dramas. Oh well, how I wish I could have that genie to give me my wish. To see you in person and have a picture together with you and have it signed. You made my old heart feel brand new.

Back then I never appreciated going to Korea but now I cant wait to go back. Curse this I wish everything will be ok.

I also wish you lots of happiness and contentment in your personal life. I know you are a good person and watching the videos with you and Son Ye Jin on it, I know you love her a lot. May God bless you and strengthen your love to be able to surpass the trials in your relationship.

Your fan from the Philippines,


Credits: Pinkvilla