Chinese media leaks the identity of Hyun Bin’s family. Son Ye Jin’s husband is a descendant of a conglomerate and is super rich!

Who would have thought Hyun Bin, a South Korean actor and Son Ye Jin’s husband, came from a conglomerate family?
Not all artists come from rich or well-known families. Usually, Korean artists have sad stories of the past.

However, a handful of Korean artists started their careers from the bottom even though they came from wealthy families.
One of them is Hyun Bin, who is from a conglomerate family.

Hyun Bin cares about his privacy, his small family with Son Ye Jin and his background.
However, there is some interesting information about Hyun Bin’s family background.
Launching from Sohu, Hyun Bin is the son of Mr Kim Won Hong, a giant in the business world and has enormous wealth.
Son Ye Jin’s mother-in-law is a very secretive conglomerate.
According to trusted sources, Hyun Bin’s entire family is in the business world.

Including his brother, who is much older than him, followed in his father’s footsteps as a reliable businessman.

Only Kim Tae Pyung (Hyun Bin’s real name) is active in the art world.
Information about Hyun Bin’s biological father is confidential, but many newspapers believe that Kim Won Hong is in the real estate business.

This is based on early 2021; Son Ye Jin, now Hyun Bin’s wife, invested in a real estate project in Songpa, Seoul, Korea.

According to additional information from loveknews, this project was invested by Mr Kim Won Hong’s company.
In addition, the Kim family, through a family company, invested in constructing a 7-storey building in the luxurious Cheongdam area of ​​Seoul in 2014.
The property was purchased in cash for 4.8 billion won or equivalent to Rp. 53.3 billion.
The property is strategically located in a luxury residential complex and rented out for commercial use.
This proves that Hyun Bin should be an inspiration because he started his career as an actor thanks to his efforts.

Even though Son Ye Jin’s husband has fantastic wealth and a classy background.
But in fact, Hyun Bin achieved his goal, whereas Son Ye Jin’s husband struggled without relying on his parents’ wealth.

Source: Toplistkdrama