Busy! Hyun Bin Reportedly Difficult to Celebrate 40th Birthday with Son Ye Jin.

Recently, Hyun Bin has become the subject of public discussion on various social media regarding who he will celebrate on his 40th birthday. The reason, Hyun Bin is known to be busy promoting the film.

He will not be with his wife, Son Ye Jin; this is netizen speculation regarding his birthday celebration. Want to know more? Come on, check below!

Since the beginning of September, Hyun Bin’s film has received satisfactory results from the audience. Finally, the number of moviegoers for Hyun Bin’s film, Confidential Assignment 2: International, reached 5 million viewers.

Not surprisingly, since then, the players have attended various events and have intensified joint promotions.

According to Korean media, Hyun Bin held promotional activities with the crew that were properly scheduled for his birthday, which falls on September 25. With this in mind, Hyun Bin would probably be throwing his birthday party with his coworker instead of his wife, Son Ye Jin.
Not only that, but Hyun Bin will also attend a meet and greet schedule and meetings with high-ranking officials and the audience. Therefore, Hyun Bin participated in promotions with his colleagues over the next two days, after and during his birthday.
One of Hyun Bin’s greatest achievements on his 40th birthday is becoming Son Ye Jin’s husband and even a father.

In addition, Hyun Bin’s success in acting has also been fully achieved by looking at the quality of his acting in every drama and film. The first film after Hyun Bin married, Confidential Assignment 2: International, also achieved high popularity, reaching millions of moviegoers.
Meanwhile, Son Ye Jin chose to take a hiatus from dramas and movies after getting married and pregnant with Hyun Bin’s child.