Best friend revealed advice for Son Ye Jin after pregnancy.

Recently, actress Lee Jung Hyun – Son Ye Jin’s best friend had her first interview since giving birth to her first daughter.

In this interview, in addition to sharing about her work, Lee Jung Hyun also revealed the story surrounding the issue of Son Ye Jin being pregnant with her first child.

Lee Jung Hyun said, with the experience of someone who has just given birth, she also gives a lot of advice to her close friend Son Ye Jin: “Son Ye Jin is very smart so she does everything herself very well, but the addition Nutrition is also very important.”

Everyone knows that when Lee Jung Hyun went on his honeymoon after the wedding, her friends, including Son Ye Jin, also went along. During this appearance, the male MC also asked if, on Son Ye Jin’s honeymoon, Lee Jung Hyun would go together. To this question, the actress laughed and said, “I couldn’t go on a honeymoon with them because I was about to give birth at that time. We talked together through a joint group,” Lee Jung Hyun shared further. : “I’m sorry I had to give birth early and couldn’t go on that trip.”

Source: Toplistkdrama