Anatomy of a K drama Scene: How Hyun Bin & Son Ye Jin’s last goodbyes in CLOY was overdramatic but oh so GOOD

*SPOILERS ALERT* In the latest edition of Anatomy of a K-drama Scene, we look at Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin’s last goodbyes in Crash Landing on You and how it was overdramatic yet a memorable ‘romantic’ moment for drama fans.

Anatomy of a K drama Scene: How Hyun Bin & Son Ye Jin’s last goodbyes in CLOY was overdramatic but oh so GOOD

*SPOILERS ALERT* Crash Landing on You is amongst those once in a lifetime romantic dramas which managed to leave an inimitable mark in the hearts of viewers all across the globe. A big credit goes to the passionate chemistry shared between Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin as star-crossed lovers. While Bin played Ri Jung-hyuk, a reserved North Korean captain, Ye-jin portrayed Yoon Se-ri, a South Korean chaebol heiress.

In today’s edition of Anatomy of a K-drama Scene, we delve into the couple’s last goodbyes before Jung-hyuk is taken back to North Korea. Fans remember how Se-ri was shot and in a critical condition while Jung-hyuk makes the heartbreaking decision to end his relationship with Se-ri. The reason being the big border difference which will always prove to be a hindrance and maybe prove to be even stronger than their love. He disregards Se-ri’s tears even though it broke him personally. Along with his Company 5 unit; Pyo Chi-soo (Yang Kyun-won), Kim Joo-muk, (Yoo Su-bin), Keum Eun-dong (Tang Joon-sang), Park Kwang-beom (Lee Shin-young) and Jung Man-bok (Kim Young-min), Jung-hyuk crosses the border with handcuffs.

In an attempt to reconcile further with her estranged daughter, Han Jung-yun (Bang Eun-jin) informs Se-ri that the love of her life is leaving which prompts the latter to rush to say her final goodbye, in spite of being in recovery mode. As she reaches the border in the nick of time, Se-ri is shocked to see Jung-hyuk in handcuffs and yells out to him running. A scared Jung-hyuk yells at her to stop running or else her injuries will hurt further and in typical romantic hero style crosses the border to embrace Se-ri. With the North Korean and South Korean officers on high alert and with guns in the air, the main leads disregard all that and are in their own tiny universe.

While trying to assure Se-ri; who blames herself for his predicament, that he will be fine, Jung-hyuk says, “Nothing will happen. But even if something happens, it’s not your fault. I have no regrets. You came into my life like a gift. I’m just grateful for that.” Whilst apologising for breaking her heart with his cold demeanour, an emotional Se-ri asks if she will never meet Jung-hyuk again and what should she do if she misses him. “Just wait and pray desperately. You asked if you can meet someone you miss that way. You can. I love you,” as Se-ri reciprocates, “I love you. I really do.”

Upon watching the sequence, you would think it doesn’t get more OTT levels of dramatic than this. However, you’re reeled in immediately from the get-go to the theatrics of Jung-hyuk and Se-ri’s love story. It had to be a big, bold goodbye as it included the ‘border’ storyline. You’re hit right in the feels, anticipating if it actually is the end for what could have been an incredible romance for the ages. It’s also in the subtlest of moments where Bin and Ye-jin’s chemistry comes beaming through.

It’s in the way Jung-hyuk doesn’t care with the possibility of being shot when he runs towards Se-ri simply because he can’t fathom to see her in pain. It’s in the way Se-ri is in shambles trying to make sense of how they got there while feeling guilty for what is happening to Jung-hyuk. It’s in the way everyone around them instantly understood that it was never about any secret mission but just two people in love but from two starkly different places.

There’s a sense of viewers’ delight in this scene because of its heartbreaking nature. If you’ve been invested in this couple for 15 episodes, you’re promised a tissue box worth of tears for this sequence alone. It’s also one of the many scenes which tell us why CLOY is as loved as it is. Also, we did get that eventual Jung-hyuk and Se-ri happy ending so everyone wins!

Watch Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin’s tear-filled last goodbyes scene in Crash Landing on You below:

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