Actress Son Ye Jin Calls Hyun Bin Her First (And Possibly Last) Love

Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin‘s love story is the romance of the century. They gained immense popularity through the hit K-Drama, Crash Landing On You. Fans were rooting for the pair to get together after witnessing the amazing chemistry they had onscreen. Almost a year after they starred in the show, they acknowledged their relationship publicly.

There was not a single person in the world who was against the pair. In fact, as they both approach their middle years, many fans are rooting for them to tie the knot. In a recent preview for You Quiz On The Block, Son Ye Jin’s appearance on the show was teased. In a crucial moment, Son Ye Jin was asked the question, “As the nation’s first love, who is your first love?

Son Ye Jin had only one answer.

My current love is my first.

— Son Ye Jin

*Cue the squeals*

While Son Ye Jin has been in the industry for around 22 years, she’s never had a public relationship. The public once entwined her with A Moment To Remember co-star, Jung Woo Sung, due to their onscreen chemistry but the two never acknowledged a relationship.

Son Ye Jin and Jung Woo Sung in A Moment To Remember. | CJENM

But will this relationship with Hyun Bin be her last? Son Ye Jin caused a stir online in early February 2022 when eagle-eyed fans caught her following a wedding photographer.




Although she quickly canceled the follow, fans already began buzzing about it. Was she looking into wedding studios for a potential marriage? Is the couple looking to make things official soon?

Only time will tell! Stay tuned for more news on the iconic couple.

Source: Koreaboo


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