A Closer Look at Hyun Bin’s Success: Astonishing Wealth and Admirable Career

Hyun Bin boasts a successful career, a clean personal image, and a stellar reputation, especially after his marriage

With numerous commercially successful  dramas, brand endorsements, and savvy investments, Hyun Bin’s net worth is no joke.

Hyun Bin is one of the highest-paid actors in Korea’s entertainment industry. It goes without saying that he is living a luxurious life.

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Offers poured in for Hyun Bin especially after the success of “Crash Landing On You”. Combining this with his overall reputation as a trustworthy actor with an impressive filmography, including romantic comedies, action, fantasy, it’s no surprise that he is one of the A-list actors.

Clearly, all of this stems from hard work. Hyun Bin once shared in an interview with Korea Times that he didn’t take a break for more than a month.

“I keep working because I come across compelling stories (scripts) that I can’t skip,” he said. He also added, “I’m always pressured to do something new, and when I look at the results, I’m never satisfied.”

Hyun Bin’s work ethic, combined with his brand ambassadorship and investments, has turned his income into a staggering fortune. And when he married Son Ye Jin, this figure doubled.

Hyun Bin’s Net Worth

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According to the Economic Times, Hyun Bin’s net worth is estimated at $21 million USD. SCMP reveals that when combined with the net work of his wife, Son Ye Jin, their net worth reaches $41 million USD.

High Earnings per Episode

The majority of Hyun Bin’s wealth comes from his acting career. In an interview with Augustman Singapore, Hyun Bin explained how he selected his roles, “For me, the most important thing when choosing a role is the story and whether I can portray that story better than other actors.”

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According to SCMP, from his debut in 2003 to his first major role in “Secret Garden” (2010), Hyun Bin was paid $27,000 USD. By 2018, when he starred in “Memories Of Alhambra,” this figure had tripled to $90,000 USD. Currently, he is reportedly paid around $113,000 USD per episode.

Endorsements and Ambassadorships with Major Brands

Participating in advertising campaigns has significantly contributed to Hyun Bin’s wealth. He was selected as the first Korean ambassador for the luxury watch brand Omega in 2020 and the fashion brand Loro Piana in 2021.

He is also the first Asia-Pacific ambassador for Tom Ford. According to SCMP, between 2011-2012, Hyun Bin earned about $2.9 million USD from eight contracts. Other brands include Kia Motors, Samsung TV, Lexus, and more.

He and Son Ye Jin also starred in a well-known Philippine Smart Communications advertisement shortly after publicly confirming their relationship. Overall, Hyun Bin’s annual income from advertising activities ranges from $515,000 to $587,000 USD.

Real Estate 

According to SCMP, in December 2020, Hyun Bin moved into a penthouse in Achiul Village. This neighborhood in Gyeonggi province near Seoul is home to singer Jo Sung Mo and JYP’s Park Jin Young.

Hyun Bin’s residence includes a rooftop garden, expansive windows, open wardrobes, and elegant design, costing him approximately $4.3 million USD.

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Hyun Bin used to live in a $2.25 million USD villa in Mark Hills, Dongjak District, where his neighbors included Lee Min Ho and BIGBANG’s Daesung.

He also purchased an entire building in the opulent Cheongdam-dong district, Gangnam, for $4 million USD at the time, which has since increased in value to approximately $8.9 million USD. This building received the Excellent Award at the 35th Seoul Architecture Awards in 2017.

Rich Background, Smart Investments, and Generous Donations

Hyun Bin is revealed to come from a rich family. He manages HB Family Holdings and invests in property developments in key locations around Seoul.

Hyun Bin was honored with an award from the President of South Korea at the 50th Savings Day event for saving $3.3 million USD. In his acceptance speech, he thanked his parents and referred to them as his financial managers.

Additionally, Hyun Bin has donated multiple times to charity organizations, including $181,000 USD to the Community Chest of Korea during Covid-19. He also supports Save the Children and various non-governmental international relief organizations.

With his likable image, along with maintaining a happy family life with Son Ye Jin and their son, Hyun Bin is becoming increasingly famous, succeeding in both his career and personal life.

Source: K14

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